Civil Rights

Committed to Fighting for Your Civil Rights

If you feel your civil rights have been violated because you were fired for exercising your right to free speech, immediately contact Erik M. Yurkovich, Esq. Attorney at Law, in Wexford, PA to discuss your case and aggressively represent you in court.

Mr. Yurkovich has over 20 years of professional litigation experience, representing clients in over 300 civil rights, discrimination, and employment cases in federal court. He is knowledgeable about every phase of the legal process.

Contact our office for knowledgeable legal advice regarding your civil rights claim. Mr. Yurkovich is also a certified mediator trained to hear disputes between parties (people or businesses) during and prior to litigation.

Our Civil Rights Services Include

  • U.S. Constitution / federal laws - First Amendment right to free speech, retaliation for exercising right of freedom of speech
  • Government / township dispute - misconduct: speaking at borough council meetings then fired; government seizure of property
  • Due process - Loudermill hearings: terminated and not given due process (police officer, secretary, etc.)
  • Policeman misconduct - 4th Amendment complaints: excessive force; 1st amendment complaints: false arrest (lack of probable cause), malicious prosecution, illegal search and seizure, unlawful use of deadly force (Taser, firearm)
  • Public accommodation - disability
Civil Rights

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